In the Ultimate computers buyer’s guide for small business I provide an overview of the options for connecting a computer (including mobile devices) to external displays when considering the leading available solutions, Miracast, AirPlay and Chromecast (Chomecast dongle pictured below).

Chromecast dongle

The summary and recommendation from the guide are below.

Miracast AirPlay Chromecast

When selecting an option from a purely display functionality perspective, I recommend the following:

  1. If you want to display from Apple devices, then AirPlay, via an AppleTV is your only option.
  2. Miracast will meet your needs so long as you align computing device compatibility, and in particular if you take advantage of Windows second screen abilities through Miracast. Also, the fact that Microsoft provides Miracast adaptors makes for a nicely integrated end to end solution.
  3. Chromecast provides an option, but depending on your target sending devices, you may have more restrictions if choosing Chromecast, in particular, the currently experimental screen mirroring feature requires Google Chrome web browser on Windows PCs. That said, if your business is primarily using Android smartphones, and already use Chrome web browser or Chromebooks PCs, then Chromecast is the obvious choice for an integrated end to end solution.

For full details, please see the guide, download is free.