This post provides the steps to register an address, or “domain”, for your website and email address.

In this tutorial we will register “” and some other related domains.

Separate DIY tutorials cover how to setup a website and email address using the registered domain.

We have chosen Godaddy for these steps as they have been simple, good value, and reliable to us in the past.

1. Go to, enter the name you are interested, and select “Go”. If the domain is not available then repeat the search.

2. Add the domain names that you want. In the below example I’ve decided to get .net, .info, .org, and .co in addition to .com. A total of 6 domain names.

3. I think there are better options for email and website creation/hosting, which I will provide in a separate post. Thus when you see the below page, select “Add & Continue” without taking an options.steps-to-register-a-website-address-3

4. Now either signup to GoDaddy or enter your existing account details.

5. Review the terms that you want to have the address for (yes, there are on-going costs, you cannot buy a website address for a one off cost). Below I have selected 1 year for each of the 6 addresses I selected. Then select “Proceed to Checkout”.

6. Chose your preferred payment method and then select “Place Your Order” and follow the payment steps that then follow (not shown below).

7. A successful payment will result in the below confirmation.

8. You can verify that the domain you purchased are available for use by viewing “Domains” in your GoDaddy account area.

9. If you browse to each domain you will initially have the below holding page, until you set up a website, a topic for a new post. Below I have shown