This DIY tutorial shows how to add the below contact form to your WordPress website.


It is assumed you will be using a WordPress and the Avada theme as outlined in a previous DIY tutorial.

Please see the full series of recommended DIY tutorials on our DIY page.

1. From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to “Pages”, “Add new”, put in a page title such as “Contact us”, add relevant contact instructions, and chose the “Contact” template.



2. Now go to “Appearance”, “Theme Options”, “Contact Options”. Select from the various Google Map options (have a play, save the changes, to see the various results). The settings that I have chosen are captured below, but please add your own email address that will receive contact form entries (to be tested in the final steps of this tutorial).



3. To add the contact form to the main navigation, go to “Appearance”, “Menus”. Tick the “Contact us” page that we have just created, then click on “Add to Menu”, and the Contact Us page will now appear in the menu structure. You can reorder the menu items by dragging and dropping. Click “Save Menu” when complete.



4. Now go to your Contact Us page. It should look similar to the below.



5. Fill in the form to test it out. You can see the confirmation that users will receive when they click on “Submit Form”.


6. For completeness, the email below shows what is received from submitting to the form in the previous step (I’ve edited my email address in the image!).