In this DIY tutorial we will add a blog page and a first blog post to your WordPress website.


It is assumed you will be using a WordPress and the Avada theme as outlined in a previous DIY tutorial.

Please see the full series of recommended DIY tutorials on our DIY page.

1. First we will setup the blog page. From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to “Pages”, “Add New”. Then add a page title, I have used “blog”, select the “default” template and then click on”Publish”.


2. Now we will make the blog page the default to accept blog posts. Go to “Settings”, “Reading”, and then on “Posts page” drop down menu select “Blog”. Then click on “Save Changes”.


3. Now we will test how the blog posts work. Go to “Posts”, “Add New”, add a title and post text, I have used “My first blog post title” and “I have something important to say” respectively. To help readers find your content add a “Category” and add “Tags” (Use “Categories” to define broad content topics, and use “tags” to identify specific content in your post. In a bookshop “Categories” would align to sections such as “Fiction”, “History”, “Self help”, and “Tags” would align to keywords in book titles or descriptions. Read more here is interested).


4. Now we will add the blog page to the main navigation menu. Go to “Appearance”, “Menus”, click on the “Blog” pages so that a tick appears in the selection box, and click on “Add to Menu”. I only have one menu for the main navigation, named “Main navigation”, which is automatically shown. The “Blog” page is added to the menu. You can drag and drop the menus to change their relative positions.


5. Now go to your website, navigate to the “Blog” page, and you will see your first blog post. All subsequent posts will be shown below this post. You can edit a published post by selecting “Posts” from the admin dashboard and then selecting the post you want to edit.