Buyers guide: what to look for in a new business computer – storage protection

This is the final in a four part series covering storage considerations for a new business computer. For an introduction to the series, please see this post.

The considerations in selecting the in-built storage for a personal computer is not complete without covering storage protection options.

The type of data you are storing will define if you need to consider options to guard against theft, loss or damage. Indeed, there may even be regulatory requirements on how you store certain information, for example health or financial records.

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Buyers guide: what to look for in a new business computer – storage

Punch tape as a form of storage in Colossus

Punch tape used as a form of storage, used, in Colossus the world’s first programmable, electronic, digital computer. Photo by Kevin /CC BY 2.0

This is the introductory post in a four part series that will cover the in-built personal computer options for storage.

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Review: MozyPro backup and sync service for small business

Mozy provides a business backup service, MozyPro, that takes snapshots of the files on your computer, so that if the files become corrupted or lost, you can restore a copy of the files.

In addition, Mozy provides a tool to keep selected files synchronized across your devices, Mozy Sync.

In this post, I review MozyPro and Mozy Sync, from the perspective of a small business. I reach the conclusion that MozyPro may be suitable for businesses without rapid restore requirements, but you will need to compensate for poor password controls, and Mozy Sync will meet only the most basic of needs.

Skip to the end of this post for my summary pros and cons followed by a recommendation, or continue reading for the full detail.

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Tech Primer: Questions to ask when selecting an online file storage and sharing service


This is the first in a series of posts about online file storage and sharing services.

For those not familiar, “online”, refers to a service accessed over an Internet connection, and is often referred to using the metaphor “cloud” services. The infrastructure required to deliver the online service is owned and managed by the service provider, which can be very attractive for a small business. In a future post, I will provide a brief comparison of the pros and cons of an online file storage and sharing service, versus purchasing a local file storage and sharing solution, such as a Windows File Server or Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliance.

This post will focus on the questions to ask when comparing between online file storage and sharing services.

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