New Top 10 Tips guide: Email for your small business

I’ve just published a new Top 10 Tips guide, this time on email for your small business. The tips are below, with the full guide available on the deBaffle¬†free guides page.

1. Consider something other than email!

2. Keep email synchronized across devices

3. Manage access to employee devices

4. Consider email encryption

5. Understand your compliance obligations

6. Choose an appropriate email client

7. Monitor and control email usage

8. Use a common, shared, directory

9. Use a shared integrated calendar

10. Have a process when an employee leaves

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Quick Tip: The cheapest Office 365 email plan: “Exchange Online Kiosk”

The is a short post about the cheapest Office 365 email plan available for business,¬†the “Exchange Online Kiosk”. Microsoft positions the Kiosk plan for “workers who don’t have a desk or an office”. This post will provide the pros and cons of using a Kiosk plan versus the alternative entry level email services from Office 365.

If you visit the Office 365 website and review the business plans you will see the below options.

Office 365 plans

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Tutorial: How to register your website and email address using Godaddy

This post provides the steps to register an address, or “domain”, for your website and email address.

In this tutorial we will register “” and some other related domains.

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